A winemarker is both practical and beautiful at the same time. Decorate your wine glass with a note or message specific to you. Be it your name, your company slogan or the names of the 7 dwarfs.

  • The text is added to the stainless steel plate.
  • Diameter of the plate 25mm
  • Each plate has a ring that fits comfortably around the base of a wine glass.
  • Ring diameter ca. 25mm
  • When placing an order, add each message separately.

Choose letters

  • 1.5mm Deko (capital letters)
    3mm Deko (capital letters)
    3mm Bridgitte (letter)
    3mm Bridgitte (capital letters)
    3mm Basik (capital letters)
    1.5mm Basik (letters)

Add message to wine marker

  • Max: 15 characters

Additional info

  • Please describe here all your ideas. for example how we should place icons, what fonts to use etc

Choose icons

  • tärnike 1,5mm
    Täheke 1,5mm
    ring 1,5mm
    diamond 1,5mm
    kolmurk 1,5mm
    süda 1,5mm

    These are small icons that fit particularly well on a small washer bracelets.

  • sigrimigri 3mm
    täheke 3mm
    smaili 3mm
    peace 3mm
    süda 3mm
    Lilleke 3mm
    topelt kolmurk 3mm
    diamond 3mm
    10 3mm
    diamonds mitu 3mm
    rohuke 3mm

    Most used icons. They fit well all products - very clear icons.

  • laevake 6mm
    Istuv kass 6mm
    Koer 6mm
    Päikeseprillid 6mm
    infinity love 6mm
    3 x süda 3mm

    These are the newest members of our temple family.
    PS! Cat and ship icons don't fit on washers bracelets!

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