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  • If the product has a choice of sizes – make your choice. If needed, you can learn more about sizes and measurements.
  • Choose a product finish – whether you want the jewellery details to be in gold or silver.
  • In turn, choose from the other options that are available for that particular piece of jewellery (ribbons, necklace length, etc.)
  • If it is possible to add a pendant to the product, select the pendant tone.
  • Select the letters you want to use to write your message. Read more about the letters here.
  • Follow the instructions to add the message that you want to appear on your jewellery.
  • Once the product is designed – add it to your shopping cart.
  • The final price of the product will be known immediately after the selection, and will be displayed above the “Add to Cart” button
  • Be sure to check your order in your shopping cart! Review the texts that will be added to the piece of jewellery, and, if necessary, modify or correct it.
  • If everything is correct, proceed to the cashier.
  • Enter your phone number and e-mail address
  • Pay using internet banking – if your order is successful, you will be redirected to the order confirmation page.

Your jewellery will be made within 3 business days, and then shipped to you!


You can pay for your jewellery conveniently via internet banking.

  • Once you have checked the order, selected the appropriate parcel terminal, select your bank, and pay for your order securely and safely.
  • Please also read our terms of sale and confirm.
  • Click “Pay” and you will be redirected to your selected bank’s page.
  • Enter the information you need to sign in to your bank account and make a payment.
  • If all is successful, you will be redirected to the order confirmation page and a confirmation email will be sent to the address you provided.

RAdezain will forward the personal data necessary for making payments to the authorised processor, Maksekeskus AS.

Delivery information

We will send you the ordered jewellery and / or gift to your nearest parcel machine.

You can choose a suitable parcel terminal on the checkout page.

  • After checking the order on the checkout page, entering your contact information and selecting the appropriate shipping method, you can then select the appropriate parcel terminal location. The list of parcel terminals appears as a drop-down menu. Choose the appropriate terminal and confirm your order.

Today you can choose between shipping opportuniies.

  • Estonia: DPD Pickupoint and Omniva parcel machine
  • Lithunia: Omniva parcel machine
  • Latvia: Omniva parcel machine
  • Finland: Smartpost parcel machine

Most products are always held in stock and ready for production. Your personalised jewellery will be completed within 3 business days and then shipped to you. If a piece of jewellery or gift contains parts that are out of stock, the delivery time will be extended. Usually this information will be provided when placing your order, but in any case we will also contact you separately.

Incorrect product, misspelling and return

As with human beings, and especially with crafts, errors can occur that are not discovered or occur during work. In this case, please contact us through a suitable channel (Facebook, Instagram, e-mail) and describe the problem you are experiencing. With today’s experience, we’ll ship the right and repaired product the next business day or find another solution.