Rectangle keychain


  • Pedand size 40mm X 9mm X 1,2mm
  • Keyring diameter 24mm
  • You can add text both side of the keychain

Choose icons

  • If you want to decorate your jewelry or gift with an icon then make your choice from the options below. Select the appropriate icon (s) and describe in the details box if and how you would like to present them on the product. *

  • Choose icons 1,5mm *

    These are small icons that fit particularly well on a small washer bracelets.

  • Choose icons 3mm *

    Most used icons. They fit well all products - very clear icons.

  • Choose icons 6mm *

    These are the newest members of our temple family.
    PS! Cat and ship icons don't fit on washers bracelets!

  • Describe how we should design your product *

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