Keychain for grandparents

12.00 Hind käibemaksuta: 10.00

The Keychain is only created for grandparents! It is both practical and cordial at the same time. The names of all their children and grandchildren can be added to the key ring.  As well as the date they first became a grandparent.

  • Names of grandchildren added to washers (each child on a separate washer)
  • 15mm diameter washers for grandchildren
  • Large washer diameter approx. 22mm
  • Key ring diameter 24mm
  • Add the names of the children in the order you want (front -> back)

Choose letters

Add text to grandparents keychain

  • Max: 10 characters

    Price includes already big washer and for washers.

  • One washers fits maximum 20 letters (inc. spaces, icons, etc)
    Each name isolate with comma ( , ). Write them same order as you wish them on keychain

Choose icons

  • These are small icons that fit particularly well on a small washer bracelets.

  • Most used icons. They fit well all products - very clear icons.

  • These are the newest members of our temple family.
    PS! Cat and ship icons don't fit on washers bracelets!

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